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Welcome to Democraise Ltd

Democratise is a small social company based in Durham city. Driven by a desire to re-engage people with politics, we develop platforms which aim to revolutionise the way citizens interact with the democratic process.

We believe that the current trend of declining participation in the political system can be halted and even reversed by reconnecting people to the decisions that impact their lives. People can be empowered by making clear the power they can wield, our goal is to enable this to happen.


Launched in March 2011

Digital Democracy is a website for residents of England, Scotland and Wales. It enables people to start local campaigns online and gather support on the website. Camapigns can be ranked to find out the most important issues in a local community. Campaigns can be discussed on the website and at certaion levels of support are sent to local representatives including MPs and MEPs.


Launched in October 2011

Boundary Changes is a website to show the proposed changes put forward by the Boundary Commission. It allows a user to view the exisiting constituency boundary and the new proposed boundaries.

As well as our work developing Digital Democracy and Boundary Changes, we offer various flexible bespoke systems useful to a variety of organisations.
Our tailor-made platforms can allow organistations to offer comprehensive e-petitions and consultation services.



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